Approval of investment from the “Market Development Fund”

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Approval of investment from the “Market Development Fund”

We are pleased to announce that we have received approval of investment from the “Market Development Fund” and will receive economical support for our project.

The WallMo 100 is a collaborative robot that lifts, transport and installs glass and partition walls. The WallMo 100 can lift up to 100 kg with a dimension of 100x300 cm and can perfectly maneuver glass walls into frames with the help of one operator. Furthermore, the mounting time is only 3 minutes with the WallMo 100, thus the cobot improves the mounting times, significantly. The WallMo 100 is also ideal for narrow aisles where it might be difficult for a worker to move freely and complete the job. The WallMo 100 increases productivity and improve the work environment for the employer and employee. 

We intend to do several tests on construction sites during 2017 in order to receive feedback on the cobot and utilize it in real life settings in order to produce a cobot which is easy and intuitive for the user.

Announcement of support can be found here.