Helpful robots

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Helpful robots

The construction industry is physically strenuous and involves repetitive work that easily puts a toil on the worker. Therefore, there has been an increase in implementing robotics solution which will improve the working environment for workers by aiding with repetitive and strenuous work.

However, even with automatic solutions like 3D printers and bricklaying robots emerging in the construction industry, only 11% is using automatic solutions. A building site is an unpredictable environment where factors such as the weather or the electrician, the architect, subcontractors etc. must be considered as they have all different deadlines.

Therefore, a cobot like the WallMo 100, a collaborating robot that mounts wall panels by using kinematic technology is more well received as it will not substitute the worker but rather help, by relieving the operator of the physically exhausting tasks. Thus, not making the worker feel like he is being substituted by a robot.

However, as Caspar Hansen from DEKO mentioned the robot should be as fast or even faster than a human. The WallMo 100 has proven that this is possible as it can mount a wall panel within 3-4 minutes.

Our Managing Director Lars Andresen also shared his vision of implementing the technology to other aspect of the constructions industry where heavy lifts are an issue.  

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