Testing of WallMo 100 in Aarhus

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Testing of WallMo 100 in Aarhus

The WallMo 100 recently returned after 3 days at a construction site in Aarhus. The Co-bot was tested by carpenters and was well received. In addition, the WallMo 100 impressed with its precise positioning of glass doors while mounting. This is a procedure that typically requires two men, where one carries a 50-kg glass door while the other fastens the screws.

However, the WallMo 100 carried the glass door and positioned it precisely, leaving the manual work of fastening the screws to the worker. This is a task that normally require strength and precision, as the glass door should be held parallel to the door frame but was done smoothly by the cobot.

We look forward to test the WallMo 100 at more construction sites in the future.