We are seeking an Automation technologist/engineer

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We are seeking an Automation technologist/engineer

WallMo A/S was established in December of 2014, with the purpose of developing and commercialise robotic solutions for the building industry. Our first product WallMo 100, has now reached a level where we are ready to demonstrate it on multiple building sites, partially financed by “The Market Development Fund”.

We are partner and project manager in a 3-year Innovations Fund project, WallMoBot, with a project budget of DKK 19M, where we are collaborating with Aalborg University, University of Southern Denmark, DEKO and Blue Ocean Robotics ApS. The universities oversee the research part and the remaining partners in realising the newest robotic technology.

Currently we are 4 employees and you will become the 5th. We are expecting to hire a couple more throughout the summer/autumn. 

Furthermore, we have a great team of investors onboard; Borean Innovation A/S, Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education, DEKO P/S and Blue Ocean Robotics Holding ApS.



The job profile:

We are looking for a highly skilled Automation technologist/engineer, who partially must develop hardware and software for our solutions, and partially ensure that our partners knowledge and technology is entrenched in WallMo A/S. Relevant educations could be Automation technologist, Automation engineer, Mechatronic engineers or something similar.

You will primarily work from our office in Odense, furthermore it is expected of you to attend divers project meetings with our partners and our customers.



We expect, that you have experience and interest in working with one or more of the following assignments:

  • PLC/PC-systems
  • Control and regulation algorithms
  • Sensors for robot systems
  • Beckhoff PLC/ Twin-Cat systems
  • Setting up kinematic / inverse kinematic models
  • Mathlab
  • Embedded computer design and systems
  • EMC secure systems
  • Lab View
  • C++
  • ROS (Robotic Operating System)
  • CE/ EU-standards

What we offer.

We offer a permanent position, where you will partially work on our product, partially collaborate with the European academic robot – and technology environment, as well as assist with the development of our products and systems. Salary according to qualifications.


If you have questions about the job, you are more than welcome to contact the Manager in WallMo Lars Andresen, phone; +4560596063 or visit www.wallmo.dk


Apply for the job here: https://blue-ocean-robotics.com/career/jobbank/job-post/?id=30961