Webinar with Peter Fisk

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Webinar with Peter Fisk

At a recent webinar, Lars Andresen met one of the world’s top business experts and author of Gamechanger, Peter Fisk. The author and business expert preaches about the disruption that consumers encounter daily. Peter Fisk defines disruption as changes within Nano technology, digital technology, DNA technology, robotic technology and more, as well as opportunities that arises with a global market and the changing mind of the consumer.

He argues that small companies, like WallMo A/S, have an advantage as they can adjust quicker to changes that might occur. It is often smaller companies that causes disruption.

In addition, Peter Fisk identifies Odense as a robotic hub that has great potential for innovative inventions that combines the new and the old.

Robots improve people’s lives significantly by relieving workers of strenuous work and to a certain degree allows us superhuman powers. The WallMo 100 is a perfect example of a robot that improves the working environment on construction sites.

The co-bot transport, lifts and mounts glass walls within 3 minutes, hence relieving the worker of heavy lifting. The WallMo 100 can be defined as a disruption among machines in the construction industry, as the co-bot is the first of its kind.