Workshop with RoboCluster

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Workshop with RoboCluster

On the 24th of April, WallMo attended a workshop arranged by RoboCluster. The purpose of the workshop was to introduce the topic of robots on construction sites and discuss the potentials and limitations that came with it.

Carpenters, glaziers, bricklayers and blacksmiths are workers who do strenuous work, daily. Thus, they are the perfect candidates for demonstrating the benefits of robots on construction sites. Humans tend to make mistakes when they become tired, which makes them more vulnerable for potential accidents on construction sites. Therefore, the working environment of workers are important because they work in an environment that is physically exhausting and dangerous at times. However, with the help of robots, the working environment can improve drastically as they would substitute the manual work of workers and tirelessly execute repetitive work with great precision. Furthermore, robots will be able to do design work which otherwise would be costly. The quality of the work will improve.

The construction industry is known for being conservative in terms of technology. They prefer the traditional way of executing the job as they feel that the tools that they are provide with are slowing down and the work process. The size of the robot is also an issue as it might be too big to move freely in places where it might be restricted. Furthermore, the workers appreciate the feeling of accomplishment when completing a job with their own strength. Other barriers, such as the unpredictably of the weather is an issue as robots only executes jobs that they are programmed to.

We at WallMo A/S can relate to many of the issues as the WallMo 100 was created based on the challenges that workers encountered on constructions sites. We value the workers’ safety and wellbeing and therefore want to improve the working environment with WallMo 100.

We look forward to participate in more events like these in order to share our experience and learn more about the topic as well.