WallMo 100 has got your back

WallMo 100 handles heavy lifts and difficult transportation of the walls and thus improves working conditions of construction workers. WallMo 100 picks up the partition panels from the stack and transports it to the mounting site. It raises the glass plate up and installs it. The solution is maneuvered steadily and adjusted into the mounting position, and the wheels operate safely in the construction site environments and do not damage the floor or door panels.

One operator, one co-bot

With WallMo 100, the mounting team consists of one operator and the WallMo 100 co-bot. WallMo 100 is prepared for transportation to the mounting site and is operated by only one worker.

Bring it wherever you need it

The co-bot fits in a service wagon and operates in confined workspaces with limited dimensions, such as narrow corridors. WallMo can carry weights up to 90 kg and manipulate panels up to 100 x 300 cm.

Technical Data

Weight w/o load: 325 Kg
Max. width: 600 mm
Max. length: 900 mm
Max. load: 90 Kg
Max. total weight: 415 Kg
Min. pick-up height: 350 mm
Max. pick-up distance: 300 mm
Vacuum system: Built-in, two circuits
Pick-up time: < 75 sec.
Installation time: < 75 sec.